Q. Where can I find Sticks products?
A. Sticks is represented by American Craft galleries from coast to coast. To find the gallery nearest you, enter your zip code or state in the Retail Locator at the top right or lower left of every page. In the event that there is not a Sticks retailer in your area, please call 877-678-4257, and we will be happy to provide you with gallery informaton.

Can I customize any product to the theme, design, imagery and color palette of my choice?
A. Sticks is happy to customize any piece we make. Custom orders need to be placed through one of our many retail galleries. You can locate the gallery location nearest you by using the Get Your Sticks Finder at the bottom of this page and finding your state or entering your zip code.
Our artists do their very best to incorporate your ideas onto our pieces, but Sticks does reserve the artistic license to preserve the Sticks look. Upon receipt of a custom order, our retail galleries can provide you with pricing and estimated delivery of your piece. See more details about custom orders under Custom Sticks.

Can I use team names, logos, celebrities, etc. on my piece?
A. Express written permission by an authorized party is required to incorporate copyright protected material onto our pieces.

How do I care for my Sticks pieces?
A. All Sticks furniture is multi-coated with low VOC water based polyurethane to provide a durable finish that can withstand everyday usage for a long time to come.  We recommend using soap and water to clean your piece.  Non-abrasive household cleaning products can also be used; however, avoid letting cleaning solutions and/or moisture sit on your piece for extended periods of time.  Avoid direct contact with extreme heat and use hot pads for warm and hot plates.  We also recommend against high amounts of sun to prevent fading as the polyurethane finish is not UV protectant.

. Can I use Sticks furniture and accessories outside?
A. Sticks furniture and accessories are designed to be displayed indoors.  If our product is exposed to the outdoor elements, we cannot guarantee the longevity and craftsmanship of our work.
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