La Vie Claire

Article Written by: Cheryl Galvin
Photography By: Sticks, Inc.
"Enchanted Wood"
Spring 2008

Hallmark Magazine

Article Written By: Debrora Beroset
Photography By: Donald Lesko
"Branching Out"
Holiday 2003

Decorating Magazine

Article Written by: Kimberly Warner
Photography by: Greg Scheidman
"Sticks and Stones"
January/February 2003

Business Week
(McGraw Hill Companies)

Article Written By: Bob Shimer
Photography By: Hedrich Blessing
"Artists on the Factory Floor"
Nov. 6, 2000

Architectural Record
(McGraw Hill Companies)

Article Written By: Cifford A. Pearson
Photography By: Farshid Assassi/Assassi
"Making Good Design Pay Off"
Oct. 2000

Build Des Moines
(Home Productions, LLC)

Article Written By: Tracy Dickinson
Photography By: Jason Ickowitz and Jake Boyd
" Mom's The Boss"
May 2015

Living The Country Life
(Meredith Agrimedia)

Article Written By: Betsy Freese
Photography By: Jason Ickowitz and Jake Boyd
"Made In The Shade"
Summer 2012

Cross-Stitch and Needlework

Article Written By: Sharon Verbeten
Stitch Designs By: Linda Bird
November 2011

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